Cinestill 400Dynamic Versatile [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating : 400

Grain : Fine

Film Type : Color Negative

Process : C41

Number of exposures: 36

CineStill 400Dynamic is a fine grain daylight balanced color negative film that delivers a soft color palette with natural saturation and rich, warm skin tones. The film has a wide dynamic range with a base sensitivity of ISO 400, but can be rated from 200 to 800 and pushed up to 3200. This makes the film highly versatile, usable both indoors or in the studio, under virtually any lighting conditions.

400D was specifically designed for still photography to be processed in C-41 chemistry by any photo lab or at home. In addition, it also features a process-surviving anti-static lubricant coating ideal for both manual SLRs and automatic winding cameras. This fi continues CineStill's ongoing tradition of cinematic film emulsions made for still photographers, allowing them to maximize their creativity and produce remarkable images that express who they are as artists.


No push - EI 200-800
1 stop push - EI 400-1000
2 stop push - EI 800-1600
3 stop push - EI 1000-2000