CatLABS X FILM 80 [120 format]

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ISO Speed ​​Rating : 80

Grain : Superfine

Film Type : Black and White Negative

Process : D96, D76, HC-110 or Rodinal

Number of exposures : 16

Blessed are the friends who like Film and Cat Star.

CatLabs is actually a camera supply store in the United States. Last year, they launched their own brand of film, which is a 120 medium format traditional black and white film with flat gray scale, very fine grain and high contrast. Although the box speed is 80, it can be set from 80 to 800. Unlike color film, black and white film has no graphite layer. In addition to the officially recommended D96, D76, HC-110 or Rodinal can also be used.

(Note: This film does not have DX code, please use a camera that allows manual ISO setting)