Kodak Gold 200 [135 format]


ISO Speed ​​Rating : 200

Grain : Fine

Film Type : Color Negative

Process : C41

Number of exposures : 36

Back in the film era, most of the memories of holidays/birthday parties/graduation ceremonies/family and friend gatherings were recorded with Gold 200. It is economical and easy to buy, and it performs well, which can be said to be excellent value for money. The tone of Gold 200 is warmer, the grain is not too obvious, and it has the most original film style. The exposure range is very wide, and it is difficult to miss normal images. The only thing is that the dynamic range is not enough and the color is not prominent enough, so it is not suitable for film and landscape.

As an inexpensive and readily available film, Kodak Gold 200 performs nicely with high sharpness, fine grain, and saturated colors. With a warm color tone under natural lighting, it gives your image a vintage, nostalgic analog look. Gold 200 has a wide exposure latitude that makes it incredibly easy to shoot. Making it widely popular for casual photography on family holidays and other special occasions (that's of course, before the age of digital photography).