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Kodak Gold 200 [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating: 200

Grain: Fine

Film Type: Colour Negative

Process: C41

Number of exposures: 36


想當年在菲林時代,大部分假期/生日會/畢業禮/家庭朋友聚會的回憶都是用Gold 200紀錄下來。既經濟又容易買到,而表現不俗,可說是物超所值。Gold 200色調偏暖,顆粒不是太明顯,有種最原始的菲林風格。曝光範圍很闊,正正常常影都比較難失手。唯獨是dynamic range不足和色彩不夠突出,不太適合影風景。

As an inexpensive and readily available film, Kodak Gold 200 performs nicely with high sharpness, fine grain, and saturated colors. With a warm color tone under natural lighting, it gives your image a vintage, nostalgic analog look. Gold 200 has a wide exposure latitude that makes it incredibly easy to shoot. Making it widely popular for casual photography on family holidays and other special occasions (that's of course, before the age of digital photography).