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Kodak ColorPlus 200 [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating: 200

Grain: Visible

Film Type: Colour Negative

Process: C41

Number of exposures: 36


相信菲林用家一定聽過Kodak ColorPlus 200。它是一種ISO 200, 5500K的35mm日光彩色菲林。作為菲林新手,ColorPlus 200的性價比十分吸引。
由於ColorPlus 200所使用舊式顯影乳劑,這令到整體相片有一種自然懷舊風格。作為一款暖色調菲林,ColorPlus 200是一個不錯的平價選擇。


Kodak ColorPlus 200 is a versatile medium-speed daylight-balanced color negative film, characterized by its fine grain structure, high sharpness, and rich color saturation.

It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24° along with a wide exposure latitude for exposing up to two stops under or three stops over to enable working in a wide variety of lighting conditions.