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Kodak Ektar 100 [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating : 100

Grain: Super fine

Film Type: Colour Negative

Process: C41

Number of exposures: 36


柯達Ektar 100專為商業攝影師以及高端攝影愛好者設計, 適合自然風光,旅行,時尚以及產品攝影等領域, 對色彩的表現尤其艷麗生動。 特別針對專業攝影或人像攝影而創造的一款專業負片。

除此之外,Ektar 100還採用了柯達Vision Motion Picture膠片技術, 因此擁有非常細膩的顆粒與極高的解析度, 配合專業掃描設備會有非常出色的表現。


Ultra-vivid color, Exceptional sharpness, Extraordinary enlargement capability
Featuring ISO 100 speed, high saturation, and ultra-vivid color, EKTAR 100 offers the finest, smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.

Ideal for scanning, and offers extraordinary enlargement capability from a 35mm negative. A perfect choice for commercial photographers and advanced amateurs.