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Ilford Delta 400 Professional [135 format] *expired*

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*此產品已經過了有效日期 this item has expired*

ISO Speed Rating
: 400

Grain: Fine

Film Type: Black and White Negative

Process: Ilford Ilfotec DD-X, ID-11

Number of exposures: 36


Ilford Delta 400 Professional是一種高速黑白底片,具有精細,均勻顆粒結構的高清晰度。 其標稱感光度為ISO 400/27°,使其非常適合手持攝影和在惡劣的照明條件下工作。 這種多功能膠片還具有寬廣的色調範圍和寬廣的曝光範圍,能夠在EI 200至EI 3200之間進行評級,並且在顯影期間會被推拉以保持一致的對比度。


Ilford's Delta 400 Professional is a high-speed black and white negative film featuring core-shell crystal technology in order to produce high sharpness with a fine, uniform grain structure. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° when developed in standard black and white chemistry, making it well-suited to handheld photography and working in difficult lighting conditions.

This versatile film also features a broad tonal range and a wide exposure latitude, which is capable of being rated between EI 200 to EI 3200 and being pushed or pulled during development in order to maintain consistent contrast.