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Kodak UltraMax 400 [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating: 400

Grain: Fine

Film Type: Colour Negative

Process: C41

Number of exposures: 36


Kodak UltraMax 400是需要大量膠卷作練習之用的新手又或是喜歡作攝影實驗的人的最佳之選。色彩鮮活艷麗,以紅色和綠色的表現最為突出;顆粒細緻、對比度高,Kodak UltraMax 400 就是物超所值!它的高 ISO 值便於室內及夜景拍攝,在沒有便用閃光燈的輔助下亦無需擔心會出現手震的情況!


Kodak UltraMax 400 is a do-it-all consumer-grade film. It’s a general-purpose, daylight-balanced, color negative film with a sensitivity of ISO 400 (27º). It offers fine grain, deep saturation, and wide exposure latitude, and all of these traits make it well-suited to enlarging, and for digitization through scanning. Though not as fine-grained as those professional-level films, it’s certainly got enough resolving power to make sharp and smooth images.