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Adox Silvermax 100 [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating : 100

Grain: Extremely fine

Film Type: Black and White Negative

Process: Standard Black & White Processing

Number of exposures: 36


ADOX Silvermax黑白膠片是一種高速黑白菲林,其極細的顆粒,可與片狀晶體菲林媲美。並且與常規菲林相比,銀含量有所增加。 當使用Adox Silvermax開發人員進行開發時,它具有更大的DMAX,最多可以復制14個區域。 這樣,Silvermax可以重現最亮的高光和最深的陰影。

Silvermax的銳利度令人難以置信,並且由於其在乳劑和基材之間的防光暈層而增強了細節。 將其塗在透明的三乙酸酯上,可以進行逆向加工。


ADOX Silvermax black and white film is a high speed black and white film that is an extremely fine grain film, comparable to tabular-crystal films, with an increased silver-content compared to regular films. It has a greater DMAX and reproduces up to 14 zones when developed in the Adox Silvermax Developer.  This way Silvermax reproduces the brightest highlights and the deepest shadows.

Silvermax is incredibly sharp and has enhanced detail due to its anti-halation layer between the emulsion and the base. It is coated onto clear triacetate and can be reversal processed.