Cinestill 50Daylight Xpro [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating: 50

Grain: Fine

Film Type: Color Negative

Process: C41

Number of exposures: 36

Cinestill 50D是一種備受攝影師喜愛的電影菲林,因其獨特的特點而備受推崇。它展現出獨特的電影質感,捕捉到經典電影般的永恆美感。非常適合拍攝富有色彩和卓越動態範圍的美麗戶外場景。

Cinestill 50D is a revered cinematic film loved by photographers for its unique characteristics. This daylight-balanced film is derived from motion picture stock, providing stunningly sharp images with fine grain. It exhibits a distinctive cinematic quality, capturing a timeless aesthetic reminiscent of classic movies. Perfect for capturing beautiful outdoor scenes with rich colors and excellent dynamic range.