NoColorStudio No. 10 [135 format]

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ISO Speed Rating: 100

Grain: Fine

Film Type: Black and White Negative

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Number of exposures: 29

The no.10 is a black and white negative panchromatic specialty film, yielding medium to high contrast, high resolution, high sharpness, fine grain, and extended spectral light sensitivity of up to 780nm. The emulsion has a wide range of pull/push capabilities - from ISO25 to ISO1600.

This film was originally used for medium-altitude aerial reconnaissance and cartographic or exploratory purposes. Available for creative/professional use in 35 mm format.

  • Each roll has 29 exposures
  • Wide spectral near-infrared sensitivity
  • Fresh film stock
  • ISO 100
  • Push capabilities to ISO 1600
  • Pull capabilities to ISO 25
  • The film is rolled in recycled film canisters
  • It is recommended to use manual film-advancing cameras with recycled canisters