Kentmere Pan 400 [135 format]



ISO Speed Rating: 400

Grain: Fine

Film Type: Black and White Negative

Process: Standard Black and White processing

Number of exposures: 36

Kentmere Pan 400是一種高速黑白底片,其標稱感光度為ISO 400/27°膠卷的特點是細小晶粒結構和良好的清晰度,以及寬廣的色調範圍和寬廣的曝光範圍。


Kentmere Pan 400 is a flexible and high-speed black and white negative film offering a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°, making it suitable for use in available light and action photography, as well as general use. The film is characterized by a fine grain structure and good sharpness, as well as a broad tonal range and wide exposure latitude.